BuildING Success


As companies look to modernize, they need leaders to lead the way into the next phase of the company’s lifecycle. As companies look for leaders, both internally and externally, individuals who have a track record of managing projects rise to the top. Producing results that can transform a company, certified project managers and innovative process improvement professionals are leading that charge to success.

Using the skills and education he has achieve, Larry places himself apart from other business consultants. He holds a Masters degree in Project Management, is a certified Project Management Professional (PMPĀ®), and has earned his Lean Six Sigma certification. Larry takes all of this knowledge, while using his over 15+ years of experience as a manager, to turn your project(s) into a successful endeavor.

Larry is always learning the latest techniques used in the world of project management and process improvement innovations. He is passionate about being challenged by projects of all sizes and in various industries.


what he brings to your company

Larry DeLaney Jr. Consulting is about bringing many years of experience in managing and innovating to your company. This is done by being on the cutting edge of modern techniques, working hand in hand with management, and focusing on the global environment of your business.

cutting edge

New techniques in managing and recently define practices in business innovation ensure that your company is on the cutting edge


Working with senior leaders and communicating frequently with impacted stakeholders allows your project to be placed on the greatest track for success

global perspective

In today’s environment, global issues can impact your project in a way that might not have been previously considered, creating a need for your organization to look towards someone that understands those issues